Star Shooter


A few weeks ago I was asked to be a board member of the non-profit organization Star Shooter. I immediately accepted as I feel so strongly about this organization and what they do for underprivileged kids. As more and more photographers want to get involved we've come up with a few different ways that people can be a part in whatever aspect they want.

1. First we are running a program for every day photographers who are interested in helping. For the month of May "Star Photographer Sessions" are 30 minute to 1 hour mini sessions that photographers can offer their clients for $100. 100% of the funds go back to Star Shooter. Clients get the session and 3 images either on disk or prints to choose from, depending on how the photographer wants to market the program. More information can be found here :

2. We are running our annual 3 month photo contest to raise funds for Star Shooter. This year we are giving away a Canon 7D. Entries are $25/photo and this runs until August 31. 2010. Information on this can be found here:

3. We are putting together a handbook for photographers that want to host local workshops for underprivileged kids in their area and give back to their communities. And for people who feel like they don't have time for any of these options but still want to help Star Shooter out and donate to either sponsor a child, sponsor a workshop or just plain donate, information can be found here:

There really is someplace where anyone can donate or be a part of this and it can be as little or as much as you want. Every little bit counts and helps! If you're interested in helping out in any aspect or want to do things in your local area, no matter where you are in the world that would be great and I'm always available by PM or email if you have any questions!

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