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TOPIC: Bag: Caselogic SLR Sling SLRC-205 bag

Bag: Caselogic SLR Sling SLRC-205 bag 8 years 2 months ago #1

I just wanted to pass along I have been using this bag as my light weight grab and go bag for a while now. Though I don't get out much anymore, when I do I can fit a nice simple kit into the bag and go. One thing I really love is the dedicated tripod strap. I can, if I choose, attach my Manfrotto 055 XPROB full size tripod with head attacked and still have it feel comfy.

I promise to add some photos when I feel like getting up and moving around.

Here is a link to the Case Logic site for the Caselogic SLR Sling SLRC-205 bag:
http://www.caselogic.com/slr_sling/prod ... id=1357946

Also for now here are a couple videos from Case Logic showing the bag and pretty much anything I could show in photos:


I hope those show enough...something to notice, which I find nice in a bag in general is the interior is a nice bright yellow/marigold color so you can see whatever it is down to the bottom of the bag or pocket. So many bags still use only a dark interior which can be frustrating when trying to find black camera bits and pieces.

When I bought mine, I paid only $38 on Amazon, it is a bit higher now than back in February 2010. Still at around $50 it's not a bad bag and is the only sling bag I have ever tried and kept. It just fits me well plus it fits what I want from a light kit bag, especially when I am off to climbing down the cliff trails on the beaches north of Santa Barbara or north to Morro Bay or further. Works great on dusty trails as well. I like how when compared to a smallish shoulder bag, it leaves both hands free to grab onto supports or use a walking stick (my mono-pod in my case).

It is a limited to sling over the left shoulder only and slide it around to the right to gain access. One of the things I like is the shoulder strap itself is nice and wide with enough padding, though I really wish one of these makers would come out with a gel & foam filled strap or something similar to the type of materials used on the Absolute Shoulder Strap made by Tom Bihn (best freaking strap made period). Still this is a very comfortable strap. I also like the waist strap as well which for those times when you need the stability you can secure the bag perfectly, even with a tripod attached.

One of the flat best features is the Case Logic "Hammock Cradle" which supports your camera when in the bag. I keeps the camera sort of free floating in the bag and allows for room to store some accessories below the cradle.

I can easily carry my Pentax gear which is usually my K20D, 31LTD, 43ltd, 77ltd & 35ltd lenses though I usually carry the 35ltd over the 31LTD since I have the 43ltd as a "fall back". I rarely ever carry a flash though there could be room. I know I can easily add either anything from a 100mm macro to a DA*300 or even DA*60-250 lense in the outside storage compartment.

There are enough other pouches for extra batteries and what not, but remember this is not a large bag, it's for light or limited kit on a day hike or a way to keep part of your hole kit handy when carrying "the big bag", which in my case is the National Geographic NG 1150 Earth Explorer Large Backpack (it had a different model number when I bought mine but it's the same bag). But I rarely use that bag anymore though it too needs and deserves a full review as well, it's a great bag when you need to bring EVERYTHING or have several larger lenses to drag along, heck I can even fit a tri-leg folding stool on it as well so I can always sit quickly and use my mono-pod. Oops I am going OT in my own thread...sigh, I do that...

Anyway, I wanted to get this comment up since, ya never know when it's your last chance to post. ;) Still I will add some photos and show what I can carry in the bag. While you might be able to shoehorn a smaller netbook into the main compartment there is no room for carrying a laptop though I can do is carry my Kindle inside it's hard case cover in a zipper pouch hidden behind the tripod flaps. But, even in it's case/cover, I would not carry the Kindle in this fashion if carrying the tripod as it would likely crack the panel of the Kindle or whatever reading device you carry. Oh, there is also a compartment on the shoulder strap for a cell phone or other similar side device if you are like me and simply refuse to use a cell phone. I like to tuck an MP3 player in there if it's not in a shirt pocket.

The bag is also not waterproof though if you might need that or just want to help keep your bag looking nicer longer I suggest trying the correct product from Nikwax. I use one for canvas/cotton on my large bag and use a product specific for the material of this sling bag on it. Nikwax stuff is nice in that it is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Also as with all sling bags, errrmmmm. uhhhh, ummmmm....some women might find this sort of bag/strap setup very uncomfortable from a physical or self-conscious point of view as it can tend to, ahem, not so much "lift" but rather separate...'nuff sed on that one. but for my size 60A chest I don't mind then again being a guy, well I don't care either...hehehehe...

More details when I am up to it.
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Bag: Caselogic SLR Sling SLRC-205 bag 8 years 2 months ago #2

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Seems pretty neat. I'll have to see if I can find it someplace so I can try it out.

Thanks for the post.
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Bag: Caselogic SLR Sling SLRC-205 bag 8 years 2 months ago #3

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Great write up BL!

I have an inordinate collection of camera bags but nary a one is a sling bag.
Maybe I'll give one a try in the future. :wth:
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Bag: Caselogic SLR Sling SLRC-205 bag 8 years 2 months ago #4

hi ya both...

thanks a bunch for the thanks. :D //www.amazon.com/Products-CA-2001-BLK-Seattle-Sling-Waterproof/dp/B001AYW91I/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1291574567&sr=8-6:3kzngccl]MADE Products Seattle Waterproof bag[/url][/color][/b] (which if I ever get out and about again I might actually still get when I want to go anywhere wet.) But the more I looked at it the more I liked it so I just grabbed it and some Nikwax to treat it since there was likely to be snow during the trip, and apparently there was. Did not make the trip, there went the cash for the condo for the week...still the bag has been really nice to use. What I liked about the Seattle bag is it is truly waterproof/watertight but the price tripled on me in the week it took to make up my mind so I gave up on it...glad I did because the SLRC-205 is a more versatile bag for my typical needs.

Still it's just a grab and go sorta bag. Nothing too big but I also have some smaller utility pouches I can clip on the outside or my belt if I want a bit more.

I was also looking at the Kata W-92 Waist Bagwhich is actually more like a true waist bag (think fanny pack) but is in reality a messenger style version. Nice thing about it would have been I could use my Tom Bihn shoulder strap (seriously that is the best shoulder strap ever!! Especially on my old broken down shoulders...hahahaha...) I have tried to suggest to the folks at Tom Bihn they consider making a camera neck strap out of the same materials...they are a neat small and agile company so it's possible as we did get Tom to design a DSLR insert for a variety of his exiting bags, of course he is still wading through prototypes the last time I checked. ;)

I still one day want a real Billingham bag but, sigh, I promised myself no more bags until I start using the ones I already have. I should also do a mini-review of the National Geographic Explorer pack pack. It might just be the most comfy backpack I have ever used. When shooting Canon I had a lot of longer & heavy glass including the Sigma 180/3.5 Macro as well as the Sigma Bigmos (150-500/4-6.3) along with a bunch of other stuff....and when heading out for parts unknown it was nice to be able to carry everything in one bag as well as my 17" laptop. However I got it from a fellow member of POTN who simply never used it for about $120 including shipping vs. the $300+ it was at the time...I would never have looked at it due to the price, but now I say it is worth every penny as well.

The real selling point for me on this sling is the wider shoulder strap. It seems to help with comfort as well as stability. ;) oops!! I rambled again...d'oh!!! 0:) ) You'll learn to ignore it...I hope? :p
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Bag: Caselogic SLR Sling SLRC-205 bag 8 years 2 months ago #5

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I have that bag! It does keep weight off my neck and shoulders, and I have some back issues, so it works well for me as well.
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