Creating and Managing Your FPZ Guild

Note: this document is a work-in-progress

There are two aspects to using the FPZ Guilds: joining a guild and creating a guild. Joining a guild allows you to participate with other members in that guild's activities like photo sharing, forum discussions, event scheduling, etc. Creating a guild means you're responsible for maintaining that guild and determining what activities are available for members to participate in. This Help document will get you started with creating and managing a guild.

Some Basic Guidelines

Each member can create one (1) guild. If you currently own a guild, you cannot create another one. You can delete your existing guild if you want to create a new one. However doing so will essentially kick all existing members out of it and delete any of that guild's assets, including:
- all forum posts
- all shared pictures
- all wall posts
- all shared files
- all scheduled events (past and future)

Deleting a guild CANNOT be undone. So please be absolutely sure you want to do this before going through with it. If you'd like to pass ownership of the guild to someone else, please let us know and we'll try to arrange it.

If you have an idea for a guild that you think would benefit a lot of members (ie. a popular product brand), but do not want to use up your guild allocation to create it, just ask us and we'll see if we can create it. Any guilds FPZ creates are owned and managed by "FPZ Administrator" and will not be deleted.

Creating The Guild

Now, onto creating your guild! The first step is to click on the "My Guilds" link in the top-right corner of any page within FPZ. This will load the FPZ Guilds page, showing any guilds you have joined. This page does not show guilds you own, only guilds you're a member of. In the navigation menu, you'll find an item called "Create New Guild". Clicking this menu item will bring you to the "Category Selection" page. The available categories are all listed here. Simply select the category which best suits the guild you intend to create, and click on its link. This will bring up the "Create Guild" page.

This is where you'll be setting the options for your guild. There are many options here, but most are self-evident. We'll go through them all to make sure everything is clear. Please note, any of these settings can be modified later, so you don't need to worry about making any mistakes.

Be sure and give your guild a simple and obvious name. For example, "San Francisco Photography Club" or "Nikon" or "Street Photography".

A short description for your guild. This is just to inform potential guild members what your guild is about, in case the name isn't obvious enough. You can add formatting and links to other web sites in the description, for example if your guild has its own web page somewhere.

A default logo (which looks suspiciously like an FPZ logo) is already selected for you. If you have your own custom logo you'd like to use for your guild, feel free to use it. Just click the "Browse" button and select whichever file you want on your computer. For best results, a logo that is no more than 200px wide is recommended.

Currently there are 2 types of guilds to choose from: Open or Approval. An "Open" guild allows any FPZ member to join your guild whenever they feel. An "Approval" guild requires new members to be approved before they can join. The member asks to join the guild, and an appropriate existing guild member (administrator or founder) either approves or denies the request. The "Approval" type is best for organizations or photography clubs. There's a third type, called "Invite", which can only be joined if a member receives an invitation first. This type is not available by default. If you'd like to create an invite-only guild, please let us know and we'll evaluate your request.

Guild Access:
This determines who can see your guild. There are really only 2 choices, "Everybody" and "All Registered Users". The other choices are just a variation on "All Registered Users". Selecting "Everyone" means that all visitors to FPZ can see your guild, even viewers who are not FPZ members. Selecting "All Registered Users" means only FPZ members can see your guild.

Invite Access:
If you want to allow all guild members to invite new members to the guild, then leave this option set to "Guild Photographers". If you want to limit who can send out invitations, then select the appropriate option here. Available choices are "Guild Moderators", "Guild Administrators" and "Guild Founder". There can only be one Guild Founder, and that's the person who created the guild. You can later assign different users to be Administrators and Moderators.

Photographers Public:
Leaving this set to yes will make the list of guild members visible to everyone, even people who aren't guild members. If you'd prefer to hide the members list from non-members, change it to No.

If you'd like to receive an email notification when a member joins or leaves the guild, select the appropriate option here. You can be notified only when a member joins, only when a member leaves, both, or neither. By default, both is selected.

The rest of the options are self-evident:
The Photo Integration enables the photo sharing tab for your guild.
The Events Integration enables the events tab, where members can schedule new events and manage attendance.
The About Integration enables or disables the display of your guild's About tab.
The Wall Integration enables the wall tab for your guild. This is similar to the wall feature on most social web sites like Facebook. Members can add and reply to messages on the wall.
The File Integration enables the file sharing tab, where members can upload files they want to share with other guild members. For example an old firmware file for a camera that is no longer available from the manufacturer.

For each integration, you can determine whether that tab will be visible to everyone or just to guild members and who can contribute to that tab.

That's it! Once you have the settings the way you want them, just click the Save button at the bottom of the page, and your new guild will be created. If you ever want to change these settings, just go to your guild and click the Edit Guild item in the Guild Menu on the left side of the page.

Invite New Members

The only thing left to do is invite members to join your guild! The "Invite" tab is always available on your guild's page. To invite a new member, go to the Invite tab and click the Invite New Member link near the top of the page. Enter in the username of the member you want to invite, and click the Invite button. That member will receive an email inviting them to the guild, along with a link to accept the invitation.

Manage Members

To manage the photographers in your guild, go to the "Photographers" tab. All current guild members are listed on this page. Each member has a series of icons below his picture:
- The green checkmark icon means that user is active. Clicking the checkmark will make that user inactive and unable to participate in guild activities (but he'll still be a guild member).
- The lock icon is used to ban a user from your guild. Once banned, that user can no longer participate in the guild. That user cannot rejoin the guild.
- The X icon will remove a user from your guild. That user is not banned, and can rejoin if he/she wants. They're just no longer a guild member. - the small green up-pointing arrow is used to promote a member. A regular member can be promoted to a Moderator. A Moderator can be promoted to Administrator. - the small red down-pointing arrow is used to demote a member. An Administrator can be demoted to Moderator. A Moderator can be demoted to a regular member. Only a member of equal or higher rank can demote another member (ie. and Administrator can demote an Administrator or a Moderator. A moderator can only demote other Moderators)

Moderators can edit and delete content from the guild. For example, posts on the guild wall, or photos shared in the photo sharing tab. Moderators also moderate on your guild's forum category. Administrators can do everything Moderators can, but can also approve/deny join requests and manage users. In addition, Moderators and Administrators have whatever special privileges you assign to them when creating the guild (ie. if you set it so that only Moderators can add new files in the Files tab).

Other Stuff

In the Guild Menu to the left of your guild's page, there are a couple of other items of interest:
- Message Photographers: You can use this to send an email message to all the photographers in your guild. Please use this sparingly, no-one likes to receive excessive email messages that look like spam.
- Edit About: This allows you to write up a longer and more detailed description of your guild. Adding text in here will make a new tab become visible called "About". This tab will contain all the information you want to display regarding your guild.